Murray vs. Verdasco French Open

Currently watching Murray and Verdasco play in Round 4 of the French Open.  Love watching both of these men play.  Like many, I would predict Murray the winner based on record, but never underestimate a Spanaird and his red clay.  The French Open as become a tournaments of upsets this year.  My take on these two is that Murray is mentally tough and after a few games adapts so well to his opponents game and uses it against him.  Verdasco is still trying to create his own baggage, which can be an ace in his cap.   Murray’s power is amazing and he can easily chase down Verdasco’s direction of the ball.

Nice touch for these two wearing the same clothing. Nice job Adidas! :-)))

Gulbis Defeats Federer After Medical Time-out

I waited to write about Gulbis’ victory over Federer in Round 3 of the French Open due to high emotions.  I should also state a few disclaimers. 1. This is a highly opinated blog by someone that plays and watches a lot of tennis, who also played in college. 2. I love and have more respect for Roger Federer than most any player, but I’m not a dedicated fan like most. 3.  I love Tommy Haas. And Juan Monaco.

Having gotten that out of the way, allow me to digress with the opinion part of this blog.  In past interviews Gulbis has come off as a total ass, and interviews about his match with federer are not much different. Gulbis was down 2-5 in the fourth set and decided to take a medical time out before it was Federer’s turn to serve. Yes, it is allowed and no, it’s not always necessary for the player taking the time-out.  However, it is a great way to slow momentum of the winning player.

Federer ended up losing to Gulbis.  I don’t want to take away from Gulbis’ skillful playing in this match, because he did play well.    By Gulbis’ own admission ‘..he got lucky’.  Hey, even ugly whores make money!  He also stated that, ”He’s Roger Federer, but he also gets tight.”  To put the onus of mental toughness on Federer is completely short-sighted.  If Roger is tight then what is Gulbis?  Most of us in the tennis community do not hang out in the gutter, so it’s hard to relate to this mentality.

I’m not a disgruntled Federer fan, but I do believe in calling a fig a fig.

I hope Tomas Berdych kicks his ass in the quarters.

Tommy, Honey!!

Tommy. Honey!!! Please take a month off and let that shoulder heal.  I was so disappointed he had to retire from his match in the French Open, leading 5-2 against J.Zopp.  For nothing more than purely seflish reasons, wanting to see this beautiful man swing a tennis racket, I want Haas to have a long career.  Rest up pal and get creative with that shoulder.

Round 1 French Open

Very exciting that the U.S. has such a dominant presence in Round 1 of the French Open.  So far Isner, Querrey, D. Young, S. Williams, V. Williams have made it through.  Tomorrow Sock, Johnson and Klahn will play for a spot in Round 2.

I caught the Djokovic and Sousa match today and I must say aqua is a great color for Novak.  It coordinates well with the red clay and goes well with his coloring.

Tomorrow my eyes will be on Haas and hopefully his shoulder will hold up.


Haas Takes Wawrinka in Rome

Tommy Haas defeated Stan Wawrinka to make it into the quarterfinals where he will compete with Dimitrov for a spot in the semifinals of the Italian Open.  In the first set Haas had to adjust to the pace and seemed to be struggling to keep up, but his strength and agility were enough to perservere. Here are some observartions:

1. I was expecting him to use his down the line backhand more.  Not sure if it is due to an injury or too much pace on Stan’s balls.

2. Haas made fewer errors than Wawrinka and had great focus.  I can tell when Haas is focused because he swishes his tongue around in his mouth when he serves.

3. Drop shots were amazing

4.  Ace down the T to win the match was sublime.


A few years back Tommy attributed his poor choice of tennis clothing due to the lack of a clothing contract.  Since then he has picked up Ellesse as a sponsor.  I just hope that they give him a tennis wardrobe that takes advantage of his flawless, timeless coloring.  Against Wawrinka he wore white and navy.  The white looked much better on him than the navy.  Good colors for Tommy are lavender, red, turquoise and even lighter shades in the blue palette.

Tommy Haas in Roma

Two of my favorite things- Tommy Haas and Rome.  It’s probably no secret that the Tennis Bitch utterly adores Tommy Haas and has fully endorsed him for the 2014 season.  It’s admirable how he is still going strong and chasing his dream, being the oldest player on the ATP.  Not to mention the finest looking.  He is moving well and making great shots and serves during the first set of the Internazionali BNL d’Italia in Rome against Seppi, leading 6-1.


Nishikori Dazzles at Madrid Open 2014

Good lord did anyone else see Nishikori hand Nadal his undies in the finals of the Madrid Open?  He played an amazing tournament and was flawless in his execution of points. It was sad that he had to retire from play due to a hip injury.  I love and respect Nadal, but as in any good exchange of play, this gave us proof that he is, afterall, human.  On to Rome!

Wawrinka Wins in Monte Carlo

Stan “The Man” Wawrinka won his first Master’s prize from his fellow countryman, Federer, today in Monte Carlo.  The last two years have seen the tides changing for players climbing the rankings, such as Ferrer, Berdych, Gasquet, Fognini and Wawrinka. Injury seems to be a major factor in how the rankings stack up with Murray, Gasquet, Djokovic, Del Potro and Haas currently battling injuries or recovering from surgeries.


Stan Wawrinka



Tommy Haas Defeats Djokovic

If you caught the match between Haas and Djokovic, then you saw the oldest player on tour take out the number one player.  Wow!  Haas was spot on for this match and Djokovic could not seem to gain an edge.  In an interview Haas blamed his lack of having a clothing contract on his poor fashion sense on the courts.  We here at the TennisBitch have a solution for Haas. Just leave your shirt off then you only need to coordinate your shoes and shorts, thus making it much easier.  Judging from this photo below, I’m sure others would agree.

Tommy Haas at 2013 Sony Open Tennis.
Tommy Haas at 2013 Sony Open Tennis.