Adding More Serve to Your Game

As most ladies progress  (3.5- 4.5 level) serves become an aggressive part of their game.  Rarely will you see ladies that are at this level who don’t have good pace on their serve and can direct the ball to your forehand or backhand.  At this level players  usually go two separate paths.  The first path is trying to serve faster, as well as direct the serve to backhand, forehand or to the body.  The second path is using different grips to make the ball more lively along with some speed. Many ladies choose to keep the same grip for the sake of consistency.

Adding a little spin on the ball can cause much discomfort to your opponent and the ability to change up your serve adds more dimension to that part of your game- the one part you are in total control of.

Many ladies at this level rarely practice their serve.  Not only should you practice your serve weekly, you should be methodical about placing each ball when practicing.  The goal is to think about each ball before you serve it and where you want to place it.

Next week: Getting your head in the game!