Kevin Anderson vs. Jan-Lennard Struff

Disclaimer: I have a deep fondness and respect for Kevin Anderson

I’m watching this match live on the Tennsi Channel right now and Der Struffi is serving amazingly.  My favorite out of this match is Kevin Anderson, though, due to his experience.  I saw both of these gents play in 2014 and what was most impressive about Struff was his steadfast serving.  Not only does he hold serve very well, but his drive and skill to finish the point are reliable, and giving Anderson much trouble.

When Anderson does return Struff’s serve, he is able to make it a winner in many cases. Not to mention his serve is beautifuly on point. Of all the ATP players I have met in person, Anderson is one of the most genuine and down to earth there is. Even though I have an affliction for German tennis gods, Anderson’s personality and likability are swaying my pull right now. My prediction is that Anderson will win the tie-break and sweep the second set.

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