Smyczek vs. Nadal Australian Open 2015

Oh dear what a match this was.  Nadal had to fight hard to win this match in 5 sets (2-6, 6-3, 7-6, 3-6, 5-7). Smyczek was unrelenting and showed amazing mental strength and heart in his playing. Sometimes big cats like Nadal almost seem affronted when a relatively unknown, less-accomplished player reams them from inside out like Smyczek did, but Nadal showed amazing grace and deference to his very-worthy opponent. Nadal’s reaction to winning was as if he’d won the title, falling to his knees and quite emotional over his win.  The lesson or take-away for this match, though, is Smyczek’s show of upstanding sportsmanship. Nadal was serving at match-point and some pompous-ass fan yelled as he was hitting his serve, which resulted in a fault. Smyczek allowed Nadal to take the serve over and Nadal won the match. In this last game Smyczek came back from Love-40, which is a huge display of mental toughness.  I hope we see more of this guy in 2015.

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