Borna Ćorić – Stevie Johnson at Roland Garros 2017 6-2, 7-6, 3-6, 7-6

One thing I detest is when players lose their shit on the court. It’s usually due to a heated match, high emotions or sometimes just a poor attitude.  In the second round of the French Open is was all 3 that caused a meltdown between Ćorić and Johnson. In the second set Johnson ran too far off the court to go for a ball and could not stop, so the referee deducted a point from him. Before that Johnson was raising his voice to the ref about another call, so I’m sure the referee was trying to do a little behavior correction with the point deduction. It was completely a bogus call. Coming off the heels of losing his father weeks earlier, this was a very emotional match for Johnson.

After losing to Johnson, Ćorić smashed his racket into pieces and then threw his water bottle on the court as he was leaving. He acted trashy and without class. Players need to realize that they lose fans over behavior like this. Some may not care about that, but when your balls are against the wall, it helps to have the crowd on your side.

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