So Many Cobwebs!!

Waylp I have been neglecting this blog, so time to make a quick post and get back into some tennis grunge. Did anyone see the BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells? First, I loved watching all of the up and coming women making their mark. Amazing competition. I also loved seeing Roger make it to the final and also see his human side. It’s so easy to put him on a pedestal and give him God-like status, but he was downright bitchy in the final against Delpo. I also did not like the beard on him. He looked very unkempt. One of the few that can pull off that look is Benoit Paire. Whoa daddy! What a fine looking man. Makes a sister want to creep. Hopefully, I can post some more during the Miami Open.  See you (all 3 that read this blog) in a few days. Here is a photo of Benoit Paire to keep you warm. Taken from his Instagram (source:

Photo taken from his instagram account:

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