Murray vs. Verdasco French Open

Currently watching Murray and Verdasco play in Round 4 of the French Open.  Love watching both of these men play.  Like many, I would predict Murray the winner based on record, but never underestimate a Spanaird and his red clay.  The French Open as become a tournaments of upsets this year.  My take on these two is that Murray is mentally tough and after a few games adapts so well to his opponents game and uses it against him.  Verdasco is still trying to create his own baggage, which can be an ace in his cap.   Murray’s power is amazing and he can easily chase down Verdasco’s direction of the ball.

Nice touch for these two wearing the same clothing. Nice job Adidas! :-)))

Tommy, Honey!!

Tommy. Honey!!! Please take a month off and let that shoulder heal.  I was so disappointed he had to retire from his match in the French Open, leading 5-2 against J.Zopp.  For nothing more than purely seflish reasons, wanting to see this beautiful man swing a tennis racket, I want Haas to have a long career.  Rest up pal and get creative with that shoulder.

Round 1 French Open

Very exciting that the U.S. has such a dominant presence in Round 1 of the French Open.  So far Isner, Querrey, D. Young, S. Williams, V. Williams have made it through.  Tomorrow Sock, Johnson and Klahn will play for a spot in Round 2.

I caught the Djokovic and Sousa match today and I must say aqua is a great color for Novak.  It coordinates well with the red clay and goes well with his coloring.

Tomorrow my eyes will be on Haas and hopefully his shoulder will hold up.