Tommy Haas Can Dance

And if a man can dance good….

Seriously, that should be your takeaway from yesterday’s match between Tommy Haas and Roger Federer in the Gillette Federer Tour in Brazil.  Despite losing the match 6-4/6-4, Tommy was the star of the show with his slick dance moves during the changeover.  It left this blogger wanting to see more.  As far as fashion goes, Roger won that superlative.  What I love about Roger’s clothes is that his shorts always looked tailored to fit him.  They are not big and baggy.  They give him enough wiggle room, yet fit snug enough so that we can admire his…..form.  I thought the blue shorts with the white stripes were perfection. At least from behind anyway.

The Match

1.  Tommy held up pretty good against Federer’s serve.

2.  Roger had excellent placement on nearly all of his shots.

3.  It seemed at times that Roger was just messing around and could have ended the match a lot sooner had he wanted to.

4.  Tommy’s serve was a mild discomfort for Roger.

5.  Tommy had a harder time directing the ball away from Roger.

What I love about the Gillette Tour in Brazil is that players are having a lot of fun.  The between set shirt-changes, dancing and playful banter are what draw me in to watch.  Go to Roger’s YouTube channel to watch more of the tour in Brazil.