Murray Defeats Berdych at US Open 2012

I’m a huge underdog fan and no one has served as the poster child for tennis-underdog more than Andy Murray has.  Being ranked number 4 the last few years without winning a major title has created a stigma around the direction of Andy’s future as a top contender. I love Federer, Tipsarevic, Isner, and we can all agree that Rafael Nadal is a pleasure to look at, but we seem to be willing Andy to win every time he plays for a major title, hoping he can break through.  Andy recently won Olympic gold, giving Roger a beating- and by beating I want you to think of the passage in “50 Shades of Grey” where Christian puts the belt to Anna.  Andy dominated over Roger at the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

It was very clear with Andy’s performance at Wimbeldon, the Olympics, and watching him play Tomas Berdych in the US Open, that he has two remarkable skills, which make him such a dangerous contender: 1. His return of serve is one of the best 2. He has great range in mobility in reaching balls on the court.  His speed, combined with anticipation of shots, allows him to not only get to deep baseline shots, but to return them with a bitch-stamp.

Berdych excels at directing balls on the court and is playing extremely well at the net.  He causes more harm to his opponent by hitting to the far corners of the court and coming in to volley, but Murray is no slouch at the net.  His last few tournaments he has been very masterful at returning difficult volleys at the net with amazing accuracy.

The Murray-Berdych tiebreaker was a nail-biter to the end.  Somehow Berdych managed to turn his serve back on.  Murray was able to keep his cool and climb back up, earning a spot into the 2012 US Open finals. WAY TO GO ANDY!

I love how at the end of a match they shake hands and pat each other on the chest.  If I ever get to meet a pro tennis player I’d love to do this; such a darling way to say ‘Good game pal.’

5-7, 6-2, 6-1,